December 10, 2017 – The Hastening that Waits

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • Relieving his coming (birth) and return.
  • Advent is Maranatha: The coming of Christ
  • Expectations of Christ’s return:
    1. Here is here, present among us
    2. New heavens and a new earth
    3. Dead will be restored
    4. Judgement – righteousness will be restored
    5. Sin and death is defeated
    6. Reign of God
  • While we a awaiting, we don’t just around predicting his return, no destroy.  We are to live righteous lives, to have it at home (where we are).
  • If we are not living righteously, we will not fit where righteousness is home.
  • While we wait, we are put our righteousness into action.  Must live righteously in all aspects our your lives (e.g. – can’t separate say how act at work (hostile to co-workers), but totally different with your neighbor (kind, peaceful).
  • Why hasn’t Jesus come back?  As more time passes, allow more opportunities for righteousness to occur (e.g. – repentance, new life, lives saved, serve God, care for others).
  • We are to hasten Jesus’ return by living good lives.
  • Every moment we live is a gift, and should be used to bring others come to salvation.