April 17, 2016 – Empowerment to Live the Call of Jesus

Pastor Jeff Purganan

Key Points:

  • Just this morning, we have seen many sermons of God’s call:
    • Call to let give your life over to God
    • We saw God’s mercy
    • We are all at God’s table, to gather as one body.
    • God is with us, to bring a message of hope and salvation.
  • John 21: Speaks to the intimacy of the conversation we can have with Jesus.
    • John 18: Peter watches Jesus on trial, at which point Peter denies Jesus three times. ¬†Peter must have felt like a failure in his discipleship in Christ.
    • Throughout Peter’s story, Peter retreated to doing what he was comfortable with, rather than trusting to serve in the way God calls us, fearing the persecution that comes with following Christ.
    • We can relate in our own discipleship, to Peter. ¬†How many opportunity have we missed in our lives to truly follow Christ as how he has individually called us.
    • Do we demonstrate that we love Jesus? Recall Jesus asking Peter three times, “Do you love?