April 24, 2016 – I Have Never

Pastor Trevor Smith


  • Acts 11:1-19

Key Points:

  • Peter was criticized for being with the Gentiles, the unclean, the uncircumcised.  Something Jews would never do.  Consider, by Old Testament and New Testament standards, we are Gentiles.
  • Per the Law (Leviticus), you were unclean if you ate certain meat: cloven hoofed animals, swine, reptiles, certain birds, etc.
  • Peter is told in a vision: God proclaims, nothing from Him is unclean.  Those who have received Christ have been cleansed by God.  This removes the restrictions of the Law, where God was only accessible to the Jews.
  • Another standard, in Old Testament, the receiving of God was demonstrated by the speaking in tongues.  Peter witnessed God’s outpouring, as Gentiles were baptized by the Holy Spirit.