April 26, 2015 – Sheep and the Shepherd


  • John 10:11-18

Key Points:

  • The Shepherd is good (John 10:11… the Shepherd puts the sheep before himself)
  • The Shepherd is sacrificial (John 10:11… the Shepherd sacrifices himself if necessary)
  • The Shepherd is not the hired hand (John 10:12-13… the Shepherd’s ultimate goal is the good, well-being of his sheep, his church )
  • The Shepherd knows his sheep (John 10:14… the Shepherd knows you, his church)
  • The Shepherd seeks one flock (John 10:16… the Shepherd desires the flocks to be one, in unity)
  • The Shepherd listens to the Father (John 10:18b…. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, was always listening to God the Father)
  • The Shepherd calls us to His mission (we’re called to be agents, disciples, to his mission; to be his hands and feet. ¬†We become his Shepherd when Christ in us)
  • Do you hear Him calling your name?