April 3, 2016 – Witnessing: It Ain’t Easy

Rev. Jim Monck

Key Points:

  • Matthew 28: The Great Commission
  • Go, Get Going, As you go, make disciples and teach what Jesus had taught.
  • Promise: Our Lord is present as we execute the commission.  The Holy Spirit is the power of God.
  • We are witnesses to who Jesus is and the salvation in Christ.
  • Sadly, we get involved in cultural wars in “witnessing.”  The wrong message comes through.
  • As the Father sent me, I’m sending you.
  • Why? Focus is on how?  Who is witnessing?
  • #2: Concern over the cost: If I start witnessing, how religious do I need to be?  Do my standards have to raised? Do I need to be a better student?
  • #3: I don’t feed confident that I’m not doing better than expected.  Be honest, you’re still learning, growing.  Even when confident, expect a new test to continue learning and growing.  Build faith, trust in God through challenges, when not doing well.  This an opportunity to share God and how he’s working in your life.
  • #4: We get our prioritized messed up and get lazy.  We forget our purpose – share your faith so they can come to learn of Jesus.  You need to work at developing relationship for the witnessing to be more effective.  We tend to be share/witness with no follow-up. Be ready to take time and energy to build relationships.
  • #5: I don’t know what to talk about, as it can be hard to relate to people, whether not having things in common, or have conflicting views (religion and politics).  No matter, God love all of us, make it work!
  • #6: I’ve tried and don’t think it’s my spiritual gift.  I tried before and it didn’t go well.  Sometimes you need to listening to one another’s needs, hurts, desire.  Don’t force a message.  Take time to understand one another.
  • We don’t have the answers, but we’ve seen Jesus through the works, happenings in life.  We are witnesses to the impact Jesus has had in our lives.
  • Things to consider in witnessing: You profess, but be clear they have a choice.  Offer to the chance to accept Christ, again no attachment, but a choice.