August 13, 2017 – Dirty Laundry: Sold

Pastor Rusty Brian

Commentary and Prayer of Charlottesville Violence


Key Points:

  • Many years have passed since Jacob’s struggle with God, becoming Israel. (Crippled but blessed)
  • Joseph is the youngest of Israel’s sons and is favored by his father.
  • Joseph’s brothers are jealous and conspire to be rid of him.
  • Joseph is sold into slavery for a bag of silver.
  • Into today’s world, slavery still exist (21 million people): servitude, sex trafficking and exploitation (women, children)
  • How is it this is still happening?  Where is God is in all this? Why do bad things happen?  God doesn’t want this.  Not because you deserve bad things to happen.  The reason: sin is in the world, spins out of control.  Who can defeat sin?
  • Bad things do happen and sin appears to win.  But that is not the end of the story.
  • With Joseph, God’s will takes over.  God will work.  God will win.
  • Take aways:
    • Human trafficking is a real problem and we need to take action.  It’s everywhere.
    • Bad things do happen to good people, to the best people, but not because God wants it to happen.
    • God will be bring good out of evil.  We need to be open to see that.