August 28, 2016 – We Are Created to Worship

Rev. Gary Moore

Key Points:

  • In this changing season of CCCN, Rev. Moore speaks of the application of Acts 2.
  • Building of Apostles.  We are all ligaments, parts that build up the church.
  • We tend to be pastor-centric, relying on pastors to lead all ministries.  Pastor is the only one growing, the body allowing the weakening of the ligaments and parts.  This is unsustainable.
  • We need new wine-skins, to adapt to how to build disciples. We are not reaching the world by staying within the confines of the building walls.  The world is not coming to church to discover Jesus. The church and apostles needs to take Jesus to the world.
  • The seeds need to be sewn outside the walls.  The worldly ground is toxic, but the blood of Jesus can grow.  We must plants to seeds.