August 6, 2017 – Dirty Laundry: The Wrestler

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • Jacob and Esau are on a collision course to meet (Jacob has been on the run, trying to avoid Esau).
  • Prior to meeting, an angel comes before Jacob and they wrestle (in this case – is this Jacob wrestling with God?)
  • Is this God interceding?  God allowing Jacob to win so to give the blessing, leading to becoming the heir to God’s promise.  Though God allows Jacob to win, he gives Jacob a permanent wound as a reminder from that he wrestled God, struggled against God.
  • Wrestling with God leaves a mark.  If you ask a question, be prepared for God’s answer.  Three exchanges:
    1. At daybreak, the man tells Jacob to let him go.  Jacob refuses.
    2. The man asks Jacob his name.  The man changes Jacob’s name, to Israel.
    3. Jacob asks the man’s name.  Upon refusal, he blesses Jacob, then disappears.
  • Jacob, receiving the blessing, is now changed, and is now ready to meet Esau.
  • Three take aways:
    1. It is okay to question God. Know that God will answer.
    2. Your identity changes (name is symbolic)
    3. New crippling.
    4. Our God will allow himself to lose if the situation dictates in order to win.  Counter-intuitive: this shows God is not like other gods.