August 7, 2016 – Vaporous

Pastor Patrick Jenkins

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9

Key Points:

  • Ecclesiastes tends to be repetitive.
  • Life is vaporous: Life is something passing, fleeting.  However life is not meaningless. Our lives are not meaningless.
  • Humans, by nature, are really good at remembering and forgetting things.  We are great at remembering things that are futile.  We are experts at forgetting the most important things in life.  We hold on to hurts and hates, but forget good things. Yet hungry for good experiences.
  • Better to be a living dog then a dead lion?  Dogs were a derogatory reference, as opposed to lion – viewed as noble and majestic.  When you’re dead, nothing matters.  There’s a difference in things that happen in your life, than the fact that we have life!
  • Jesus does not promise the following him good things will happen; in fact states there will be trouble.  He does promise abundant life.  Let us not judge our lives by things that has happened.