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September 28, 2014 – Worship


  • Days of Elijah
  • We Believe
  • Ministry Spotlight: Operation Christmas Shoe Box / Alabaster Offering
  • Step By Step
  • Yes, Lord, Yes
  • Seek Ye First
  • Introduction of Pastor Trevor Smith / Prayer
  • Communion – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Offering – All the People Said Amen

September 14, 2014 – Life Together

Scripture Reference:

  • Romans 14:1-12

Key Points

  • Entails not arguing over opinions (Romans 14:1)
  • Embraces all cultural differences (Romans 14:2-3)
  • Avoids tampering with the guest list (Romans 14:4)
  • Leaves matters of conviction to ones conscience (Romans 14:5)
  • Lives life to the glory of God (Romans 14:6-9)
  • Shuns the critical spirit (Romans 14:10)
  • Tends to your own knitting (Romans 14:11-12)

September 14, 2014 – Worship


  • Holy Moment
  • We Believe (with Passing of the Peace)
  • Mighty to Save
  • The Servant Song (with Prayer)
  • Communion: The Wonderful Cross
  • Offering: All the People Said Amen

September 6, 2014 – Dealing with Conflict

Scripture Reference:

  • Matthew 18:15-20; Romans 13:8-14

Key Points:

  • This is conflict (SIN) involving believers (Matthew 18:15a)
  • The burden is on your shoulders (Matthew 18:15b)
  • If it doesn’t work, take 2-3 with you (Matthew 18:16)
  • If that doesn’t work, go to Church (Matthew 18:17)
  • If that doesn’t work, start over! (Matthew 18:17b)
  • Pray, pray, pray (Matthew 18:18-20)
  • Romans 13:8-14
    • Pure love avoids conflicts
    • Christ centered love abounds to everyone
    • Be awake and prepared by dressing up in Christ
    • Live in true community

September 6, 2014 – Worship


  • Let the Praises Ring
  • This is Amazing Grace (with Passing of the Peace)
  • Ministry Spotlight – Family and Friends Sunday
  • Let it be Said of Us
  • I Just Want to be Where Your Are
  • Communion – Worthy is the Lamb
  • Offering: Forgiveness

August 31, 2014 – Worship


  • Come, Now is the Time to Worship
  • Revelation Song (Passing of the Peace)
  • Ministry Spotlight – Family and Fun Sunday
  • One Thing Remains
  • Give Us Clean Hands (with Prayer)
  • Communion: Oceans
  • Offering: I Go to the Rock

August 31, 2014 – The Rebuke of Peter

Scripture Reference:

  • Matthew 16: 21-28

Key Points:

  • Peter’s view of the Messiah is different than God’s view
  • Jesus gives Peter a strong rebuke
  • Following Jesus means letting him lead
  • Following Jesus means giving your all
  • Work for the Kingdom
  • Questions:
    1. Are you allowing Jesus to lead in you life?
    2. Are you living the life of self denial?
    3. What would Jesus say to you about what are trying to tell him? Would he rebuke you?

August 24, 2014 – Keys to the Kingdom

Scripture Reference:

  • Matthew 16:13-20

Key Points:

  •  Jesus gives the keys to Peter in pagan territory
    • About Caesarea Philippi:
      1. The area was scattered with temples of the ancient Syrian Baal worship
      2. Said to be the birthplace Pan
      3. Said to be the place where the Jordan River was sprang to life
      4. Temple of white marble built to the godhead of Caesar
  • Jesus gives the keys to a bumbling disciple- Peter
    • About Bumbling Peter:
      1. Continually says the wrong thing
      2. Sleep when he is needed
      3. Fights when he is supposed to submit
      4. Denies he knows his best friend and leader
      5. Skinny dips in front of the Lord
  • Jesus puts Hell on the defensive
    • Verse 18: The church charges into the very gates of death rescuing the perishing and offering the opportunity for people to pass from death unto life.
  • We have been given the power to enjoy access
  • Jesus gives us the choice to act with grace


August 24, 2014 – Worship

Songs and Worship:

  • Ancient of Days
  • Shine Jesus Shine (with Passing of the Peace)
  • Ministry Spotlight: Manna Food Distribution and Hot Meals
  • Rise Up O Church of God
  • The Power of Your Name (with Prayer)
  • Communion: Be Thou My Vision
  • Offering: Build Your Kingdom