December 13, 2015 – The Light Event

Rev. Gary Moore


  • John 1

Key Points:

  • What great events have you been witnessed to? Weddings, births.  Later this year, the Super Bowl.  As we experience an event, while already begin to look ahead to the next event.
  • How are you looking at Christmas as an event.  View God’s intention – to send Christ to die for our sins, to save us.  Not an insignificant event!
  • All things made by God is made through God
  • Light shines in the darkness.  Darkness can not extinguish the light.  Darkness cannot comprehend the light, Jesus.
  • Darkness came into the world through Adam and Eve.
  • Sin is not a series of bad choices.  Sin is a state the leads to bad choices.
  • God’s plan is to dispels the darkness – the light!
  • John foretells the light.  God send Jesus to live among  us to totally recreate everything, to rid the universe of the stain of sin.
  • The new Jerusalem (Revelations) is the result of Jesus ridding the universe of sin.
  • No matter what happens, sin does not get the last word.
  • We are witnesses of this. (John 17: we are left in the world to be light: in the world, not of the world.)