February 11, 2018 – Eyes to See: Gapers Delay

Dr. Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • Gapers Delay: In Chicago, when people look at something that causing delay, traffic snarl.
  • Passage: Jesus goes to pray and is transfigured.  Why is Moses and Elijah with Jesus.  Moses is synonymous with the law; Elijah the prophets.  Both are the embodiment of the Old Testament.  Jesus represents to connection to the Old Testament.
  • Peter and the disciples are terrified upon witnessing this.  Peter, not knowing what to do, offers to build a temple for the three.
  • God speaks to them, directing all Jesus is the Beloved Son, that all must listen to him.
  • As they descend the mountain, Jesus directs the disciples not to speak of the occurrence.
  • Jesus commands this so as not people to be distracted by these event, limiting the ministry of share the Good News.  Perhaps commands this so the disciples can slow down and take in the experience and understand it.  To see Jesus in with different perspective. They could be better prepared to partake in the ministry.
  • Take-away:
    1. Moses is the Law; Elijah is the prophets; Jesus, the Messiah, is with them and congruent with the Law and Prophecies.
    2. Jesus wants his disciples to take in the experience, understand it before sharing with others.
    3. We need to pause and hear the voice of the Father.