February 14, 2016 – Freedom Sunday

Janelle Stewart

  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries – Freedom Sunday – awareness of human trafficking still occurring today!
  • We need to be aware of this.  It is happening in our own backyard!  Targets: malls, after school daycare.
  • This is organized – recent example of people are planted to target.
  • Trafficked are dehumanized. Individuals trapped are treated as commodities, opposite of what God intends us to be.
  • Genesis 1:27: God created us in his image!  Traffickers seeks to strip individuals of this freedom.
  • Take action:  God is directing to action to free the oppressed.
    • James 2:14-16 – actions have to have meaning!
    • 1 John 3:16-18:  Tell others. Make a difference.
  • Ways to take actions:
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries: donation for Freedom fund NCM’s missions and ministries to combat anti-slavery.
  • Other organization combat anti-slavery.
  • You can shop at business that are anti-slayer, fair trade and human dignity rated.
  • Freedom in scripture and we are enabled to live freely in Christ: Luke 4: 23-27; John 14:11-12
  • Mother Teresa: Do things with LOVE! Great things, little things!
  • Amos 5:25
  • We are children of God – all of us!  That is why we should help where ever we can!