February 21, 2016 – Faith in the Promise

Pastor Trevor Smith


  • Genesis 15:1-12;17-18

Key Points:

  • The temporary becomes bearable when we know the outcome
  • Gen 15:1 – This is the second promise God gives.
  • Gen 15:2-3 – Abram questions God’s promise based on current situation (the temporary)
  • Gen 15:4-6 – God cuts through the uncertainty of Abrams and specifies the promise and how big (numerous, countless descendants)
  • Gen 15:7-12 – God affirms Abram the covenant
  • Gen 15:13-16 – God also affirms a trial Abram and his people must go through (400 years)
  • Gen 15:17-21 – But reveals that God walks through blood, bears the responsibilities, punishment.  This later revealed through Jesus.  We acknowledge the act each time we take the Communion, where Jesus died for us, having shed his blood for us.
  • God’s will is done, no matter what.
  • Philippians 3: Let’s not be enemies of the convenant, set of fulfilling our own needs, self-centered.
  • Faith allows us to center on God, to know God’s fulfillment but also to change how we act.  It orients us to live in anxiety.  Allows us to live in moments, knowing of God’s will.
  • Looks at Abram: died knowing that God’s promise would be fulfilled 400 years, well after dying.
  • Think of the Communion as the fulfillment of God’s promise, that Jesus bore the punishment for our freedom.  The temporary is made bearable.