February 4, 2018 – Eyes to See: Looking Deeper

Dr. Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • The town came to see Jesus, to get healed
  • Jesus changes the setting, goes to the next town and prays
    1. We should take note of this and do the same when overwhelmed with our personal challenges: change the scene, go somewhere quiet and pray.
  • Everyone was seeking Jesus.  We need to see Jesus for who He is.
  • Is everyone searching for Jesus, today?  Probably not as obviously as we think.  Less and less people are looking for Jesus, mostly because of how the church is viewed: homophobic, judgmental, political.  This is not how the church should be, which dissuades people seeking Jesus.  Example: voting.  People see Christians voting for candidates whose actions do not line up with Jesus.
  • The danger of acting opposite of Jesus is the church can get in the way of those seeking Jesus.
  • Take-away:
    1. Here Jesus heals and delivers.  Not all were healed.
    2. Jesus retreated to a quiet place to focus, pray.
    3. Jesus desires to heal us of the deeper things – the fabric of the universe by bringing God’s goodness into our sickness.