January 1, 2017 – The Presence of God

Pastor Jeff Purganan


Key Points:

  • We all need God – for redemption
  • We tend to make the Gospel complex, to make if fit to us individual, putting rules in place to fit us.
  • Jesus makes it simple in this passage: if someone is in need, fulfill that need.
  • If we can be a church that cares for those in need, we will be a church that is with God.  Is there something more worthy of doing so?
  • It’s not always comfortable.  It’s not always going to be cheap.
  • God is among us, though, the poor and broken.
  • This is not the place to be if you see God and ignore the call to tend to those in need.  We need to recognize the presence of God.
  • Where we live there is much need.  It’s tough, BUT we get to be with God.