January 21, 2018 – Eyes to See: Seen

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Point:

  • After John the Baptist is arrested, Jesus begins his ministry.
  • Clearly, it is not safe, as Jesus is the person John was prophesying.
  • Recall: John proclaimed: Repent, prepare the way as the Kingdom of God is near, as it comes with the arrival of Jesus.  Jesus brings the good news of the Kingdom’s arrival.
  • Jesus begins to call the disciples (Simon and Andrew immediately leave their nets, the important possessions, their livelihoods, and follow Jesus).  It’s unsaid but it’s clear they were given understanding of the importance.
  • James and John were also called and the leave their nets, boat, and father Zebedee to follow Jesus.  The significance is the family livelihood is impacted. To leave the family emphasized the power and importance of the call.  They see more in Jesus – that he is the Messiah, God, and the Kingdom of God.  They see love, purpose, creation… they see everything good and possible.
  • Take-aways
    1. Jesus’ ministry began as John the Baptist was arrested, when is was not safe.
    2. Peter, Simon, James and Andrew each left everything upon being called to follow Jesus.  We must be prepared to do the same which is not at all comfortable.  The radical life-change message of hope is for all of us.  Nobody is excluded from receiving the Good News.  It’s not a one-and-done calling.  We must always evaluate what in our lives we’re holding on, keeping us from freely following Christ.
    3. To see Jesus is to see God; thus, we see God’s plan for the world.