January 22, 2017 – Through the Generations

Pastor Trevor Smith



  • God moves through the generations
  • We each, as followers of Christ, should have someone who mentored you to Christ
  • Sometimes we have a hard time looking forward.  Our mentor can help point you forward.
  • Mentor invests in each of us to carry Christ, impacting and changing us.  Our youth are deeply impacted. Witness the impact on our body: Dominic in Mexico learning to evangelize, Jocelyn in Florida with an opportunity to share Christ in the midst of non-believers.  Brennan at Point Loma studying theology.  Youth here in service: serving communion, running media, in prayer.
  • Acts 2:1 – the model for the one church, all races, ages together.  The youth are absolutely applicable.
  • It’s important, as mentors/elders, to share encouraging words to our youth; show grace, love.
  • Reflect on the mentors in your life, the impact they had in your life, your walk in life.  What were the qualities that made them good, impacting mentors?  Look to be an impact, as a mentor.