January 8, 2017 – Be Still and Know That I Am God

Rev. Gary Moore


Key Point:

  • Who do we say Jesus is, to each of us?  How and what we answer is critical to how we reflect Jesus to others?
  • How critical?  Just in our district (Monterrey – Bay Area – NorCal coast), there are 8 million people, of which 93% are un-churched. We portray Jesus in how we see Jesus.
  • How we traditionally run a church (one pastor, one church building) is not feasible in today’s economy.  How do we change?  First we must who is. Life – Enternal.  Light – take us out of the darkness.  We have forgiveness of our sins.  We embrace this, we walk in victory – victory in Christ. We overcome the dominion of sin.
  • We try not to sin, but if we do, we have the advocate in Jesus to overcome it, to allow us to walk in the light.  To be salt to the world, to we can be missional, be communal.
  • We love as Jesus defines love (1 John 3; 1 John 4; Luke 6:27-36).  Our own self-defined love falls short.  It even calls for loving your enemy.  Self-defined love does not generate this kind of love.  Remember, Christ died for everyone, including enemies.