July 12, 2015 – Speaking the Truth in Love


  • Amos 7:7-17

Key Points:

  • Map of the divided kingdom (Amos 1:1)
  • We always measure our life in relation to God (Amos 7:8)
  • Speaking truth can be tough (Amos 7:9)
    • Criticism: criticism from the world is to be expected
      • Amos’ criticism
      • High Priest
      • High King
      • Affluence & Sins of Isreal
    • Daniel Clendenin:  Amos describes how the rich crushed the poor, of sexual debauchery, predatory lenders, and religious leaders who aided and abetted all of this.
    • We are called to be above this, stand up against this!
  • The will must be tough (Amos 7:10-11)
  • The availability is crucial
    • Amos 7:15a
    • Amos’ Resume
  • We must stand up to bullies
  • Daniel Clendenin: Amos would not be bullied. He spoke against those committing injustice.
  • Oscar Romero (Archbishop in El Salvador, elected 1979) – stories and quotes.  In face of government corruption, he chose to be “God’s microphone,” despite the risks which eventually to his life.