July 2, 2017 – Dirty Laundry: An Unexpected Request

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • God had promised Abraham generations to come.
  • Abraham had received the blessing of his only son.
  • Unexpected: God asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.
  • Abraham goes through process of sacrificing – obediently.
  • This is the preview of the sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Here God spares Isaac, however, God took on the sacrifice.
  • Difference with Jesus: God never intended for sacrifice of Isaac, but intended for Jesus to be sacrificed. The love for His children, that all sin is put onto to Jesus. Jesus took the punishment for man’s sin and we are redeemed.
  • As follower’s of Jesus, we are saved and call to live as a living sacrifice, offering ourselves up to God.
  • Suggestion for reading scripture: 1) Read in context; 2) read as a community – hear different perspective and gain better understanding; 3) When needing understand – go to Jesus. ┬áRead scripture of Jesus.