July 26, 2015 – Bread & Boats


  • John 6:1-21

Key Points:

  • Fact Check: The miracle of the feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle of Jesus recorded in all 4 of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.
  • Always ask the question, “Why do I follow Jesus?” (John 6:2)
  • Always look beyond yourself (John 6:5)
  • Don’t let the economy/budget dictate to ministry (John 6:6b-7)
  • Model after Andrew (John 6:8-9a)
  • Share your meager means (John 6:9)
  • Don’t be defined by the daunting task (John 6:10)
  • We must move beyond the mob mentality
    • Dr. Barclay:
    • John 6:11b-12a: Their physical needs were met.  As much as they wanted. When they had all had enough….
    • John 6:14: The people saw the miracle without seeing Jesus.  When the people saw the sign (miracle) that Jesus had performed, they began saying, Surely and beyond a doubt this is the Prophet Who is to come into the world!
    • John 6:15: The people wanted to elevate Jesus to celebrity status. Then Jesus, knowing that they meant to come and seize Him that they might make Him king, withdrew again to the hillside by Himself alone.
    • Point: The attitude of that mob disgusts us. But are we so very different? When we want comfort in sorrow, when we want strength in difficulty, when we want peace in turmoil, when we want help in face of depression, there is no one so wonderful as Jesus and we talk to him and walk with him and open our hearts to him.  But when he comes to us with some stern demand for sacrifice, with some challenge to effort, with the offer of some cross, we will have nothing to do with him. When we examine our hearts, it may be that we will find that we too love Jesus for what we can get out of him.
  • We must embrace Jesus as God (John 6:20)
  • We must receive Jesus (John 6:21)
  • Dr. Roger Hahn: It should be no surprise that when the disciples received Jesus into the boat it immediately reached its goal. For John and for us that is the goal – receiving Jesus. The Passover imagery is fulfilled in him. The Exodus which produced Israel has been surpassed and Christ calls to a new people, the church, “ego eimi, do not fear.”