July 30, 2017 – Dirty Laundry: True Love Waits?

Pastor Trevor Smith


Genesis 29:15-28

Key Points:

  • With God valuing marriage, why is the passage included in scripture.
  • Here there is distinct difference between what God wants and what happens.
  • Three points in this passage:
    1. God is absent. God is not calling for the actions of Jacob (e.g. – Jacob must work seven years before he is able to marry Rebecca)
    2. The relationship of marriage here is akin to a business deal, rather than as a Godly covenant.  As the church, we operate relationship with Grace.
    3. Deceit is applied here.  Laban uses Jacobs desire against him and coerces Jacob to be with Leah.
  • The live out a holy relationship with God, we cannot be deceitful.  We must be a people who are honest, transparent to one another.