March 19, 2017 – The Samaritan Woman

Pastor Jeff Purganan


Key Points:

  • The water is transformation.
  • Water represents the springing/rebirth- a transformation
  • Just prior, Jesus was baptizing more people the John the Baptist.  A concern of the pharisee, who saw John as a threat.
  • Jesus was baptizing people and giving eternal life to those who hadn’t been afforded the opportunity.  People who were looked down on.
  • Who are the people in our lives for whom we’d be persecuted for helping?
  • How many times do we let people, society get in our way of being Jesus – serving, loving, caring, feeding, evangelizing?
  • The criticism of action we receive for being Jesus – do we let it hold us back?  We should instead use is as a marker to do more of that action.
  • God’s love is bold.  Our living that example, that life – it’s bold.