March 20, 2016 – Barely Missing the Point

Pastor Trevor Smith


  • Luke 19:29-38

Key Points

  • Disciples missed the point of Jesus entering Jerusalem.  It was seen as Jesus getting ready to take the position of king of Israel, ruler, and conqueror.
  • Israel was occupied.  The people were eager to follow a leader who would free them from the Romans, be a free a nation.  The Messiah.
  • Something big was happening in Jesus’ return to Jerusalem.  God’s providence was occurring, more than Jesus fulfilling the role of king of Israel.
  • Praise: Psalm was quoted in praising, quoting scripture by focusing on Jesus being king.
  • Luke 19:11-13 – Jesus was near Jerusalem, there was the anticipation of his kingship, but Jesus started describing his end by way of his death on the cross, but explains that his disciple have a command to continue to foster the ministry.
  • Luke 19:15-27:  Jesus explains that the disciples are to take their knowledge and gifts and do works for God.
  • You define your expectations, define who you think who God is and what he will do.  They got comfortable with what they thought they knew.
  • Submit what you know of God, and let God reveal himself to you.