March 5, 2017 – The Beatitudes of Jesus, Part 3

Megan Pittman


Key Points:

  • Persecution and Righteousness: Working together
  • Persecution is a gift.  How?
  • Never feel content, happy, fulfilled when persecuted.
  • Results: violence or outcast.
  • Why are blessed for persecution in Jesus’ name?
  • It’s part of the package when setting aside yourself for Christ.
  • This is not an individual struggle. We all are in this together, as a community.
  • The Prophets endured persecution in the name of God.  They were chained, imprisoned, punished.
  • Why?  We are speaking truth. We are being Christ to others.   It’s an opportunity to be forgiving, and accepting, and loving of the persecutors.
  • How can we be righteous by Christ, not for ourselves?  One is to acknowledge we need to be saved.  Making peace for all, being merciful and loving. We will be guaranteed of persecution, but also the guarantee of the perfect relationship with Christ.