May 1, 2016 – Usability for Above and Beyond

Rev. Jim Monck


  • Mark 8

Key Point:

  • Seven feeds the crowd of thousands with seven loaves and five fish.  The crowd listened to Jesus preach for three days, having been satisfied with what they were fed (not hungry)
  • How to have family devotion with little time and diverse ages. How to keep the attention of kids?  The crowd listened for three days!!!
  • Four principles seen here:
    • God uses what he has and makes up the difference! Remember Moses and the staff?  That staff was used for many purposes in Exodus.   God looks at usability, not just capability.
    • God must have cooperation if he is going to work a miracle. Look at the story of the mother who’s son is going to see Jesus.  She makes him a lunch, to which Jesus has a need – he makes use of the lunch to multiply and feed the crowd of thousands. This miracle has been retold countless times!  Think if their wasn’t willingness to let go.
    • Jesus wasn’t just speaking of physical satisfaction, but also spiritual.  We long for relationship, see us as we are but love us anyway.  We long for impact – that what we are doing is something that will last, mean something to somebody.
    • There was more than enough, more at the end.  The Christian day not always easy.  Days where it’s tough.  God does give blessing – provides encouragement, what we need.