May 15, 2016 – Gift of the Holy Spirit

Joseph Roethlisberger


  • Genesis 11:1-9
  • Acts 2:1-21
  • John 14:8-17; 25-27

Key Point:

  • Why would God scatter the people?  The people were gathering and progressing.  What was missing was God!  He was not center to decisions.
  • Call on Lord.  Do not be bogged down by self-made restrictions in the name of the institutional church.  Let God lead us, fill us with the Holy Spirit and let it build the church.
  • Jesus commanded disciple to go do great works, they we will do “greater works.” How is that possible – Jesus is God.  Reference is the great works to come after Jesus passed when we have a place in the kingdom.  The work is bringing people to the Lord, for eternal life.
  • Being equipped, embodied with the Holy Spirit, are we truly listening to what God wants us to do, or are we doing “works” as we see it should be?