May 21, 2017 – Dream Out Loud

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • At first calling, Abram and Sarai did not know who God was.
  • God revealed himself as Abram developed the covenant-based relationship.
  • God changes the names to Abraham and Sarah, then came the the covenant (unconditional promises).
  • God demonstrates his covenant with countless stars, trust starts. We can began to dream
  • Signs of trust:
    • Community love
    • Christ’s presence is known, seen, felt.  Let’s live up to the name of this church
    • Future is brighter than the past, embrace change for great new things
    • Let’s embrace again a multi-congregational church.
    •  community outreach.  This is the community’s church.
    • Future: Discipleship
  • What are the dreams of the congregation as we build the church.