May 28, 2017 – Do Good, Fear Not

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • There are many examples in the Bible are harmed for doing good.
  • In the passage, we are told to do the good thing, right thing.
  • Today, the church is viewed as a moral step down, due to impressions made based on negative acts of “the church.”
  • Part of doing good is stop doing evil.
  • Keep in mind, we live in a world with sin.
  • In doing good, we need to unlearn evil.
  • There’s also fear of persecution for doing good in Jesus’ name.  Peter tells us: Fear not!
  • Jesus tells us people suffer for doing righteousness.
  • Gain: New life, in the resurrection life.
  • Doing good may be annoying to people, but we do it because we are good to do so.
  • We can face persecution because we are cleansed and reborn through baptism, and promise of faithful hope.
  • Fear not of doing good, even in the face of persecution.  Our acts of doing good becomes a testimony.
  • Do Good. Unlearn evil. Have no fear.  If persecution occurs, be ready to testify why you do good – for the love of Jesus.