November 5, 2017 – True Leadership

Pastor Rusty Brian


Matt 23:1-12

Key Points:

  • Pharisees of the time “sit on Moses’ seat”, meaning from it comes the law, the teachings.
  • The were legalistic.
  • Jesus hung out with the Pharisees, praising them yet rebuking them, at the same time.
  • Pointed out the Pharisees were hypocrites.  Wanted to be seen following the law, wanted to look good; wanted the best of everything (“front row of the banquette”); they wanted to be recognized for their title as Rabbi , to be shown respect.
  • To followers – don’t identify yourselves by title (e.g. father – we have one Father) while Jesus with them.  Don’t be a leader – teacher, instructor, father, etc.. be a student and learn from Jesus.
  • When the time comes, these students will be the leaders in areas: teacher, rabbi.   Before then, serve.  Be self-humbling.
  • Jesus was the perfect example – serving the least of us, dying then rising.
  • Take aways:
    1. Words and actions matter.  People remember actions and whether they line up with the words.
    2. Our job is not to place burdens on to others, but to lift others up.
    3. Servant-leadership is true leadership.  Not only does he say it, he lives it out. Practiced what he preached.