October 8, 2017 – Moses: Misplaced Worship

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • Moses has been up in the mountain to be in the presence of the Lord for a long time, the Israelite feared he was not returning.
  • The people, still new in relationship with God, had seen Moses as a tangible representation of God.  They are still learning to worship the one and only God.  (Recall they had many gods in Egypt.
  • Did they began to worship and idolize Moses.  The people needed something to replace what Moses may have represented to them, calling for a creation of the golden calf.
  • Possible God did not intend for one person to speak for Him forever.  It can be corruptible, easily.  Example, Moses struck the stone a second time to provide water, on his own direction, rather by God’s direction. The act became about Moses.  Other example where a single high priest can be corruptible: cults.
  • In making the new idol, the people were not looking to replace God, but replacing Moses.
  • The golden calf was fashioned out of the gold the Israelite had taken from Egypt, the provisions of wealth God has blessed them with.  The calf was made of thing that served as a reminder of God’s blessings.
  • We have examples of where our relationship with God becomes corruptible. Look at the flags of nations.  We have many.  Do the nations and the people automatically translate a bad.  No, but it can be corruptible.
  • Family: who doesn’t love their family.  But it is not God and family.
  • Slogans: Faith, Family, and Football.
  • Sports: People get emotionally invested in sports.  Sport inherently is not bad, but they can compete for our attention and allegiance.
  • Prosperity: Temptation to fall for a gospel of prosperity, the belief that God wants us to prosper, you focus on comfort.  Becomes the road block to helping and serving others.
  • Rights: stringently hold on to rights, we are owed things.  Can be divisive, focused on self.
  • In the end, remember it is not God and xxxxx (in Exodus, God and Moses).  We cannot have two masters!  We are to worship God alone – no other Gods.  Moses is not fundamentally bad.  Family, Slogans, Family,  Sports, Prosperity, and Right – all not fundamentally bad alone, but they cannot become our idols.  Cannot be worshiped.  Cannot be worshiped alongside God.
  • Take away:
    1. Israelite were trying to replace Moses, whom they worshiped alongside God.
    2. We have things in our lives we are tempted to worship: Family, Sports, Prosperity, etc.
    3. Moses intercedes and