September 24, 2017 – Moses: Perfect Provision

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • The Israelite have been let out of slavery and oppression of Egypt by God.
  • Now in a new land, the people begin complain of hunger, forgetting God’s deliverance of Israel, losing trust.
  • God heard the complaints and commanded Aaron to remind the Israelite the meat they eat in the night and flakes of dew (manna) were God’s provision.
  • Yet again, the people complained of thirsty, questioning why they had been lead from Egypt, though they were treated brutally.
  • God again heard the grumbling and provided the people with water, having Moses strike a rock upon which water would flow.
  • Again, the Israelite needed to be reminded God provides.
  • In times we experience moments of need, potential desperation. It’s important remember that God provides.  Give your predicament to God and trust he will answer, will provide “manna.”
  • Israelite are impatient, want answers and provisions immediately.  They continually failed to humbly ask God for their needs, to trust him.
  • Take away:
    1. God knows what’s going on in your life and has the means to meet your needs.  May not be what you want.
    2. Pray when in need.  Take a moment to ask for God’s direction.
    3. Blessings will come when you trust God. When they come, what will you do with them.  Will you be good stewards of the blessings.  Will you in turn bless others with what you’ve been blessed.