September 3, 2017 – Moses: What is in a Name?

Pastor Rusty Brian


Key Points:

  • Moses came to the burning bush and came to the presence of the Lord.
  • The burning bush:  God and creation can co-exist (God present in the physical – burning bush is ever-maintained by God)
  • Symbolism: The bush represents the people (Israel, us individually) and the fire represents God’s fuel.
  • Angel of the Lord: is thought to actually represent God’s presence
  • Moses: going to the people to led the Israelite, he had hesitation, questioning his worthiness.  God assures Moses He will be with him.
  • God: Tell the Israelite “I AM,” all being.  The God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob. Stating that He is the same as the relationship with his ancestry, from the beginning.
  • Take-aways:
    1. Being itself.  Creation itself.  God is.
    2. God’s name is a story.  Israel.  Jesus.  The Cross.  Deliverer, Redeemer.
    3. God’s name is an embodied name. It’s a person. God and Moses becomes synonymous.  God becomes embodied in Moses.  Later seen in the prophets, then in Jesus.  Amazingly, embodied in the Church (as we are the hands and feet of God’s, taking God to the world – in family, homes, work, school, etc.
  • God is what God does.